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L 39;arc En Ciel Grand Cross Conclusion 1999 Download

L'Arc en Ciel Grand Cross Conclusion 1999 Download: A Guide for J-Rock Fans

If you're a fan of J-Rock (Japanese rock music), you've probably heard of L'Arc en Ciel, one of the most popular and influential bands in Japan. And if you're a fan of L'Arc en Ciel, you've probably heard of their legendary live performance at Tokyo Big Sight on December 18th, 1999, known as the Grand Cross Conclusion. But do you know what makes this concert so special? And do you know how to download it and enjoy it at home?

In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the Grand Cross Conclusion, why it's a must-have for J-Rock fans, and how to download it legally and safely. Read on to find out more!

l 39;arc en ciel grand cross conclusion 1999 download


What is the Grand Cross Conclusion?

Before we dive into the Grand Cross Conclusion, let's take a quick look at L'Arc en Ciel and their history.

L'Arc en Ciel (French for "The Rainbow") is a Japanese rock band that formed in Osaka in 1991. The band consists of four members: tetsuya (bass), hyde (vocals), ken (guitar), and yukihiro (drums). They are known for their diverse musical style, ranging from alternative rock to pop rock, from ballads to metal, and have experimented with various genres and sounds over the years.

L'Arc en Ciel have released 13 studio albums, 8 live albums, 8 compilation albums, 5 remix albums, and 47 singles, as well as several home videos and books. They have won numerous awards, such as the Japan Gold Disc Award, the MTV Video Music Award Japan, the World Music Award, and the Japan Record Award. They have also performed at prestigious venues and events, such as the Tokyo Dome, Madison Square Garden, the National Stadium of Japan, and the FIFA World Cup.

The Grand Cross Tour

In 1999, L'Arc en Ciel embarked on their most ambitious and spectacular tour to date: the Grand Cross Tour. This tour was designed to celebrate the end of the millennium and the dawn of a new era for the band and their fans.

The concept and theme of the tour

The concept of the Grand Cross Tour was inspired by the astrological phenomenon of the same name, which occurs when four or more planets align in a cross-shaped pattern. This is considered to be a rare and powerful event that signifies major changes and transformations in the world.

The theme of the tour was based on the idea of a journey through time and space, from the past to the future, from earth to heaven. The band used various elements and symbols to convey this theme, such as clocks, stars, crosses, wings, angels, and demons. The tour also featured a variety of costumes, props, pyrotechnics, lasers, and special effects to create a stunning visual spectacle.

The venues and dates of the tour

The Grand Cross Tour consisted of 12 shows in 10 cities across Japan, from July to December 1999. The tour attracted a total of 650,000 fans, making it one of the most successful tours in Japanese music history.

Here are the venues and dates of the tour:




Nagoya Dome


July 31st

Fukuoka Dome


August 7th

Sapporo Dome


August 21st

Kyocera Dome Osaka


August 28th-29th

Tokyo Dome


September 4th-5th

Hiroshima Green Arena


September 11th-12th

Niigata Convention Center Toki Messe


September 18th-19th

Makomanai Ice Arena


October 9th-10th

Kyocera Dome Osaka (Encore)


November 27th-28th

Tokyo Big Sight (Grand Cross Conclusion)


December 18th-19th*

*The show on December 19th was cancelled due to bad weather. Some of the shows also featured special guests and collaborations with other artists, such as Gackt, Luna Sea, Ziggy, Oblivion Dust, Dragon Ash, Acid Android, Fake?, and Spread Beaver.

The Grand Cross Conclusion

The final show of the tour

The Grand Cross Conclusion was the grand finale of the Grand Cross Tour, held at Tokyo Big Sight on December 18th, 1999. It was also the last live performance by L'Arc en Ciel before their hiatus in 2000.

The Grand Cross Conclusion was a massive event that attracted over 100,000 fans to witness one of the most epic concerts in J-Rock history. The show lasted for over three hours and featured a setlist of 25 songs spanning L'Arc en Ciel's entire career up to that point. The stage was designed to resemble a giant cross, with four huge screens and a circular platform in the center. The band also used various props and effects, such as a giant clock, a flying saucer, a motorcycle, a helicopter, fireworks, confetti, and balloons.

The atmosphere was electric and emotional, as the band and the fans sang, danced, cried, and cheered together. The show ended with a touching speech by hyde, who thanked the fans for their support and announced their hiatus. The band then performed their final song, "Anata", and left the stage with a bow.

The live album and video release

The Grand Cross Conclusion was recorded and released as a live album and video in 1999 and 2000, respectively. The live album was released on December 23rd, 1999, in two formats: a 2-CD set and a limited edition 3-CD set. The 2-CD set contained 19 tracks, while the 3-CD set contained 25 tracks, including the entire setlist of the show. The live album reached number one on the Oricon charts and sold over one million copies.

The live video was released on March 29th, 2000, in two formats: a VHS tape and a DVD. The video contained the full footage of the show, as well as some bonus features, such as backstage scenes, interviews, and documentaries. The video also reached number one on the Oricon charts and sold over 300,000 copies.

Why is the Grand Cross Conclusion a must-have for J-Rock fans?

The Grand Cross Conclusion is not just a live album or video. It's a masterpiece of J-Rock history that showcases the talent, passion, and charisma of L'Arc en Ciel at their peak. Here are some of the reasons why the Grand Cross Conclusion is a must-have for J-Rock fans:

  • The music: The Grand Cross Conclusion features some of the best songs by L'Arc en Ciel, from their early hits like "Blurry Eyes" and "Niji" to their latest singles like "Heaven's Drive" and "Driver's High". The band also performed some rare songs that were not included in their studio albums, such as "Metropolis" and "Shout at the Devil". The band also delivered flawless performances of each song, with hyde's powerful vocals, ken's skillful guitar solos, tetsuya's groovy bass lines, and yukihiro's explosive drum beats.

  • The energy: The Grand Cross Conclusion was more than just a concert. It was a celebration of music, life, and love. The band and the fans shared an incredible bond that transcended language and culture. The fans sang along to every word, waved their light sticks in sync, clapped their hands in rhythm, and cheered with all their hearts. The band also interacted with the fans throughout the show, making jokes, giving compliments, throwing gifts, and expressing their gratitude.

  • The visual: The Grand Cross Conclusion was also a feast for the eyes. The stage was designed to create a stunning visual impact that matched the theme of the tour. The band also wore various costumes that reflected their personalities and styles. The show also featured amazing visual effects that enhanced the mood and atmosphere of each song. From the opening countdown to the final fireworks, the show was a spectacle of light and color.

  • The historical: The Grand Cross Conclusion was not only the last show of the tour but also the last show of L'Arc en Ciel before their hiatus. It marked the end of an era for the band and their fans. It was also one of the last major events of the millennium in Japan. It captured a moment in time that will never be repeated again.

These are just some of the reasons why the Grand Cross Conclusion is a must-have for J-Rock fans. If you want to experience the magic of L'Arc en Ciel live, you need to download the Grand Cross Conclusion today.

How to download the Grand Cross Conclusion?

If you're wondering how to download the Grand Cross Conclusion, you have several options to choose from. You can download it from various platforms that offer legal and safe downloads of music and videos. Here are some of them:






Digital album

$ Here is the table with some links and prices for downloading the Grand Cross Conclusion:






Digital album






Streaming service

$9.99/month (Premium)


Video platform

Free (with ads)

*Prices may vary depending on your location and currency. As you can see, there are different options for different budgets and preferences. You can choose the one that suits you best and enjoy the Grand Cross Conclusion anytime, anywhere.


In conclusion, the Grand Cross Conclusion is a masterpiece of J-Ro


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