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Game of Thrones Theme Song Guitar Solo - MP3 and Video

How to Play the Game of Thrones Theme Song on Guitar

How to download the mp3 file of the theme song

If you want to listen to the theme song or play along with it, you can download it for free from . This is a legal and safe source that allows you to borrow and stream audio files from the Internet Archive. The theme song was composed by Ramin Djawadi and is called "Main Title". It is about 1 minute and 45 seconds long.

game of thrones theme song guitar mp3 download


How to play the chords of the theme song

The theme song is based on a simple chord progression that repeats throughout. The chords are Cm, Gm, Bb, and Fm. You can play them with or without a capo, depending on your preference. Here are the chord diagrams for each chord:





The strumming pattern for each chord is down-down-up-up-down-up. You can also add some palm muting or accents to make it more interesting. Here is an example of how it sounds: